Commissioning details

I undertake commissions for all animal portraits with the emphasis on producing as life-like an image as possible. These are drawn from photographs taken by myself (countrywide) which is included in the costing. This helps me to gauge those character traits that are all so important for gaining the individual personalities! Usually four or five photographs are chosen by the client from my selection and are then used to produce the portrait as to their wishes. If your animal is unfortunately no longer with us, then as many photographs and as much information on character is all that is required.

Portraits can be drawn in oil and soft pastels, oils on canvas and for the more movement based pieces, charcoal, which is ideal for portraying energy and flow. Sizing is as to the client’s wishes, but I do prefer to not go any smaller than 12” x 10” as detail is then compromised. Ideally for charcoal movement based studies, work should be no smaller than 16” x 20” (heads are fine to do to 12" x 10"). Your portrait will take approximately eight to twelve weeks until completion dependent on time of year – it is best to ring me to discuss your requirements, especially for the Christmas period as I do get extremely busy!

Once the client is completely satisfied with the portrait it will be sent sprayed and ready for framing, or I will deliver it personally dependent on time and location. I unfortunately cannot offer a framing service at this time.

Please note that for your peace of mind, I do operate a no obligation to buy policy should you not be totally happy with it.


Sketched based charcoal or charcoal and chalk (see the 'Terrierzs' gallery for examples)
10" x 12" - 14" x 12" - £295
16" x 20" - £350
Over 16" x 20" from £400

Oils on canvas/board
10" x 12" - £350 (ideal for dog head studies, please see examples in the gallery section)
up to 16" x 20" - £450
Over 16" x 20" - £595

Oil pastel, soft pastel – single heads
12" x 10" - 14" x 12" - £395
16" x 20" - £450
Over 16" x 20" from £500

Oil pastel, soft pastel, charcoal – double heads
Up to 16" x 20" - £550
Over 16" x 20" from £650

Oil pastel, soft pastel, charcoal – full bodies
All mediums from £500

Please ring to discuss triple and compilation pieces as these are all priced dependent on sizing and number of images.
Human portraiture commissions

All of my human portraiture studies are produced in charcoal, soft pastels or oils on canvas with sizing done as to the client’s wishes. I will do these from photographs, but ideally would prefer one sitting at least either at my studio or at the client’s place of request. Initial sketches and photographs are then taken to produce the portrait; usually I will do two or three images from which the client can choose. If the client wishes to ‘placed’ in a particular setting then all details are discussed at the sittings. The production time is purely dependent on my schedule, more complicated pieces will obviously take longer than pure studies, I will try to liaise with my client wherever possible.

Sketched based studies (charcoal/soft pastels)
Up to 20" x 30" - £595

Oils/oil pastels
up to 20" x 30" - £795

Please ring to discuss portraits for sizing over 20 x 30.